Academic Philosophy

The academic program at The Patrick School is based on a traditional liberal arts curriculum. The first three years of the academic program are largely standard for all students. In senior year, the student is given considerably more freedom of choice. The foundation of the quality academic program stems from the following: all courses are taught in a small setting (less than 20 students) by a high-quality instructor.

The Patrick School offers a challenging, rigorous academic program for students at all levels of proficiency. While our Honors Program prepares students for some of the top universities in the country (The Patrick School alumni have attended Columbia University, Harvard, NYU, Duke, North Carolina, Canisius College, Rutgers-New Brunswick Honors College, Temple, and many other elite institutions), we also offer a wide range of resources for students with special learning needs including an Inclusion Program and other supplemental resources. The academic philosophy at The Patrick School demands that ALL students work as hard as they can on a level that both challenges them and allows them to make steady, consistent progress toward college readiness.

The academic experience at The Patrick School is not universal for all students, nor should it be. Students face a curriculum built for their specific ability level and designed to allow them to get the most out of their time in the classroom.


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Mar 19, 2021 | Uncategorized It is with great pleasure that we announce that the “NJAIS Board of Trustees was enthusiastic in its approval of membership” for The Patrick School. “We left with positive impressions that The Patrick School is a school that cares deeply about providing an excellent…


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Summer School





All Students require a Chrome book. They need to log in there google accounts which are connected to our accounts.

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10PM – 12PM

10PM – 12PM

10PM – 12PM

10PM – 12PM

10PM – 12PM

10PM – 12PM

10PM – 12PM


The Patrick School will be open in September implementing a hybrid schedule. The schedule will have a mixture of learning experiences – in person, live virtual lessons, recorded lessons, and assignments via an online platform. TPS has been in the forefront of online education and is best able to provide a rigorous education in these challenging times.


Safety is a top priority. Our plans to reopen were developed after reviewing guidance from the CDC, health organizations and experts across the country. Policies and procedures include but are not limited to: reduction of population density within the school facilities, UV sanitization of all classroom and spaces, mandatory wearing of masks by all students and staff, and non-contact temperature screening prior to entry.


Athletic training will take place within pods of students to limit exposure and potential contamination. Plans are in place should, in order to maintain student and staff safety, complete remote learning be mandated in the future.


NEW! Unlike other schools, TPS provides the opportunity for individual academic coaching – even in the hybrid learning environment.


NEW! Students will have guidance in creating and leading a fellowship project while accessing coaching from a professional network. Their project will benefit a charity of their choosing.


NEW!! Nutritious unitized meals – both breakfast and lunch – will be available daily. All meals are individually packaged for safe distribution. The healthy meals are tasty and convenient for families.

GSLA Summer School

The Garden State Learning Academy, the name of the summer school program at The Patrick School, has provided a range of summer school opportunities for students for nearly a decade. A small portion of the students at the GSLA come from The Patrick School: the majority of the GSLA enrollment comes from surrounding public and private schools in Union, Essex and Middlesex counties (the GSLA has served students from south Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, North Carolina and Florida in the past as well).
Students can choose among three types of courses:

  • 30 hour credit recovery course ((this is for students who failed a course and need to make up the credits to pass to the next grade level and graduate)
  • 60 hour credit recovery courses (this is for students who failed a course and need to make up the credits to pass to the next grade level and graduate)
  • 120 hour original credit courses (for students who have never taken a course before, looking to advance their standing in a math track, add credits, or take enrichment courses).

Example scenario for a 30/60 hour math course: a student received a 58 in Geometry and needs to take the course over in summer school to move on to Algebra II the following year.

Example scenario for a 120 hour math course: an honor roll student with a proficiency in math receives a 97 in Algebra I during the 9th grade. He or she then decides to take a 120 hour, original credit Geometry course in the summer so he or she accelerate to take Algebra II during 10th grade.
Since the Garden State Learning Academy falls under The Patrick School umbrella, the GSLA is fully certified and approved by the Middle States Association and by the NCAA.


Your Senior Year should be the best year of your life. It should not be dominated by the college search, but rather maintaining a balance that will allow you to participate in all school and extracurricular activities of your choice while laying the groundwork for attending college in the fall. For these reasons, The Patrick School begins guidance on the college search early in the high school career. The school Guidance Counselor is always available to develop an individualized plan and answer questions.  Students begin making visits as a group to college fairs during their sophomore year.  All prospective college student-athletes have their academic progress monitored by our NCAA Academic Counselor from the beginning of their academic career to ensure that they are taking the right courses, registering for SAT and ACT tests, maintaining the proper GPA and making progress toward becoming academically eligible to accept an NCAA scholarship if offered one. The follow guidelines are a good place to start for all students as they begin to think about college:

Know Yourself:

  • Recognize Your Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Consider ALL Colleges of Interest
  • Look At Your Future With Enthusiasm

Consider Your Reasons For Attending College:

  • Personal Goals
  • Career Preparation
  • Learning Opportunities
  • Life Values
  • Influence of Family & Friends

Identify College Characteristics Important To YOU:

  • Majors & Educational Programs
  • Type of School
  • Location & Size
  • College Affiliation and Accreditation
  • Academic Reputation

Investigate & Compare Colleges

  • Prepare A College Comparison Checklist
  • Weigh Advantages & Disadvantages
  • Contact Admissions Offices
  • Plan Your Campus Visits

Checklist For Campus Visits:

  • Take A Campus Tour
  • Talk With Students & Faculty
  • Investigate Your Academic Program
  • Meet With An Admissions Counselor
  • Verify Admissions Requirements
  • Discuss Your Chances For Success

Make Some Decisions:

  • Confer With Your Parents & Counselor
  • Evaluate Your Options At Each College
  • Keep Rethinking Your Goals and Plans
  • Show Initiative & Be Assertive
  • Select A School That “Fits You” Best


The Patrick School provides each of its students with a rigorous, college preparatory curriculum to equip them with the skills and capacities needed for success in higher education. To help our students gain admissions to and scholarship money for the colleges and universities of their choice, we provide a comprehensive, four-year SAT and ACT prep curriculum. Beginning in the freshmen year, students receive a five day per week course covering all topics on the ACT and SAT, from writing and mathematical reasoning to critical reading, science reasoning and vocabulary.

Each student has two full years of preparation prior to taking the PSAT in October of their junior year. Students also take a practice PSAT during their freshmen and sophomore year.

Students are encouraged to take both the SAT and ACT during June of their junior year, and again in the fall of their senior year. Prior to those tests, each student will have three full years of rigorous preparation in the skills and reasoning found on these exams.