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The Patrick School is fully accredited by the Middle States Association, New Jersey Association of Independent Schools, NCAA and is registered with the NJ Department of Education for Non-Public Schools.

  • 95% college acceptance to nationally recognized basketball programs
  • List of colleges attended by basketball graduates in the past few years include: Canisius University, Columbia University, Dartmouth College, Harvard College,  Monmouth University, Seton Hall University, St. Peter’s University, Tulane University, and University of Connecticut



The Patrick School is a private, not-for-profit secondary school that provides a comprehensive and affordable education to students from all socioeconomic backgrounds. The mission of the school is to foster in students a life-long passion for learning, individual growth, and social responsibility in a safe and familial environment.

The Patrick School seeks to inspire and support students to strive for academic and personal excellence within an ethical framework by placing the highest value on honor, while consistently reinforcing progressive thought. While The Patrick School continues to build upon the traditions, values and pride of its namesake, it is expanding its horizons to meet and welcome the needs of our ever-evolving society. Above all, the school and its staff are committed to the holistic, healthy development and success of each student. 

Core Values:

  • Academic Excellence: Provide a competitive and innovative curriculum in preparation for advanced education; enable each student to develop intellectually to their fullest potential; challenge students to cultivate the knowledge and skills needed to become an active member of society. 
  • Moral Integrity: Instill honesty and honor; teach mutual respect and responsibility for self, others and community; provide a strong ethical foundation built on values of discipline, tolerance, accountability and confidence. 
  • Leadership: Guide students to have vision, be progressive thinkers; strive to be accomplished; to function as empowered adults prepared to make a difference in the world in which they live. 
  • Holistic Development: Promote the growth of the minds, bodies and souls of students by providing extra-curricular activities in such areas as athletics, the arts, volunteerism and community services. These activities will focus on developing the uniqueness of each student by fostering their special talents. 

Everything The Patrick School does is centered upon its commitment to foster the development of these four core values in all those who make up our school community.


The philosophy of discipline at The Patrick School aligns with its core values of Academic Excellence, Moral Integrity, Leadership and Holistic Development. Each student at TPS is expected to display class and dignified conduct during the school day, before school, after school and at external events. Holding our students accountable for proper conduct allows them and their classmates to pursue academic excellence in the classroom and fosters a sense of moral integrity through respect towards others.

We hope that students learn the art of self-discipline and thus display leadership by example to their peers. Finally, encouraging students to respect themselves and others represents an integral component of the holistic development process during their years at The Patrick School.


The Patrick School is a private, not-for-profit school that provides a comprehensive and affordable education to students in grades 7 – 12 from all socioeconomic backgrounds. The mission of the school is to foster in students a life-long passion for learning, individual growth, and social responsibility in a safe and familial environment.

The Patrick School’s teaching tradition calls upon faculty members to serve beyond the classroom as mentors, coaches, and advisors.

The Patrick School is an Equal Opportunity Employer. The Patrick School seeks candidates who will embrace our mission and who are dedicated to building up our school family.

Candidates interested in employment at The Patrick School should follow the instructions below.


  • Typically the recruitment process for faculty begins in February for employment the following academic year, although positions may open at other times in the year. We do accept letters of interest at all times of the year.

    To apply for an open position:

    1. Please submit a resume and cover letter to the Principal [email protected]
    2.  If you are a suitable candidate for an open position, you will be contacted and asked to complete The Patrick School Employment Application. References must be included on the Application and include at least one past supervisor.
    3. Once the Employment Application has been submitted by preliminary candidates, you will be contacted for a phone / Zoom interview.
    4. Following the phone/Zoom interview you will interview with the President and various faculty members.
    5. One a candidate has been selected, an offer of employment will be sent by email. All offers of employment are contingent upon successful completion of the background check process.


Chris Chavannes
[email protected]
Mary Jo McKinley, Ed.D.
[email protected]
Robin L. Cunningham, Ed.S.
[email protected]
Rebecca Bowe, Ed.D
Teacher, Director of Mental Health Services
[email protected]
Joseph Knipper
[email protected]
Pat Green
Facilitator/Jr. Class Advisor
[email protected]


The Patrick School promotes the principles of Moral Integrity, Leadership and Holistic Development in each of its students. These core values, in addition to Academic Excellence, are an integral part of the development of TPS students. The Community Service Program serves to foster these values by requiring our students to give back to those in need in the surrounding communities through volunteer work.

While TPS sets minimum required hours of service, we hope and expect that students will do even more.

  • Seniors: 60 hours per school year
  • Juniors: 40 hours per school year
  • Sophomores: 20 hours per school year
  • Freshman: 10 hours per school year


The Patrick School accepts applications from transfer students. These transfer applicants, evaluated on their transcripts and previous standardized test scores, may be admitted to the school if there is a space in that grade level.   If there are no spaces available, transfer applications can be placed on a waiting list if their application is strong enough for admission.

Transfer applicants should use the standard application forms on our website. Also, prospective transfer students and their families are strongly encouraged to visit and tour the school as a Student For The Day.


Student Uniform Requirements For grades 6-11 & Senior Options Both Male and Female

Ladies: Options- pants or skirt Polo shirt/Golf shirt (short or long sleeved)

Colors: Forest Green The shirt has to be plain (no brand logo showing)

Belt (black or brown)

MUST be worn Socks (of any color)

MUST be worn Shoes/Vans

Colors: forest green only

Slip-on or laced (no backless shoes)