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Summer School

The Garden State Learning Academy, the name of the summer school program at The Patrick School, has provided a range of summer school opportunities for students for nearly a decade. A small portion of the students at the GSLA come from The Patrick School: the majority of the GSLA enrollment comes from surrounding public and private schools in Union, Essex and Middlesex counties (the GSLA has served students from south Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, North Carolina and Florida in the past as well).
Students can choose among three types of courses:

  • 30 hour credit recovery course ((this is for students who failed a course and need to make up the credits to pass to the next grade level and graduate)
  • 60 hour credit recovery courses (this is for students who failed a course and need to make up the credits to pass to the next grade level and graduate)
  • 120 hour original credit courses (for students who have never taken a course before, looking to advance their standing in a math track, add credits, or take enrichment courses).

Example scenario for a 30/60 hour math course: a student received a 58 in Geometry and needs to take the course over in summer school to move on to Algebra II the following year.

Example scenario for a 120 hour math course: an honor roll student with a proficiency in math receives a 97 in Algebra I during the 9th grade. He or she then decides to take a 120 hour, original credit Geometry course in the summer so he or she accelerate to take Algebra II during 10th grade.
Since the Garden State Learning Academy falls under The Patrick School umbrella, the GSLA is fully certified and approved by the Middle States Association and by the NCAA.


GRADES 6-12 + PG

Breaking down traditional walls to fulfill its commitment to academic excellence. Blended learning, non-traditional scheduling, community and university partnerships provide varied learning opportunities. 100% graduation rate. Varsity, JV and Freshman athletic teams ensure all students can participate.


Students in grades 6 - 10 may register for the Training Academy. An extra-curricular program for everyone from the novice to major student athlete. Post- Grad: Our post-graduate athletic program prepares every student-athlete for the challenges that await them in college and beyond. TPS Academy athletes are eligible to participate on the National and Academy teams.


The online summer school program provides multiple sessions for students grades 6-12. A wide range of original credit and recovery courses are available.