WHY the Academy ?

Elite Training

At the Basketball Academy @ TPS the student-athletes get elite, on and off the court, training for about 4 hours a day. This includes skills and drills, fitness and total understanding of the game.

School & Training in one place

The academy setting makes it possible for the student-athletes to couple training with their academics during the day.  The schedule rearranges to put an intense focus on all core academic classes and removing all homeroom time, recess, phys ed , lunch etc to allow for more efficient academic scheduling .

That also means that when the school bell rings at the end of the day they are basically done. All the core subjects are covered and so is training and work outs. The student athlete will have time for home work and family time. No more running around for fitness training, shooting coaches etc. It has been taken care of during the day.

Cost effective

The average basketball player pays a lot for training, AAU teams, working on Vertimax and with Shooting guns, personal trainers, shooting coaches you name it.  At the Basketball Academy @ TPS this will be included in the tuition. 

Academic Advantages

As we offer very limited spots at the Basketball Academy @ TPS we have small class sizes and the each student’s needs will be taken in to consideration when he/she is placed into courses. At the Basketball Academy @ TPS there is no such thing as ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to education. It will be tailored to the specific student and he/her ability and needs. 


The goals for every student-athlete in the Basketball Academy @ TPS is for them to be ready to go to a High School of their choice, and be ready academically and basketball wise. Here they will get the training they need for their basketball development and they will be academically ready for High School. 

Nowhere else! 

There is nowhere else where a Middle Schooler can get this combination which can take them to the next level and prepare them for the next step in their dream to continue with basketball in College.