Who We Are

At the Training Academy the student-athlete gets a chance to incorporate academics and basketball training in to their school day. A school day is roughly four hours of academics and four hours of training. This optimizes the time the student-athlete has available. The students are immersed in an all true student-athlete environment where they can develop all parts of their goals; academics and basketball goals.


Do you want to take your game to the next level? Are you next? Then The Patrick School Training Academy is the place to be!

The Patrick School Training Academy is an exclusive basketball academy for 7th and 8th grade.


At  the Training Academy  we have developed the perfect environment consisting of academic flexibility and rigor, coupled with daily elite training. However, we haven’t stopped there, we take the whole student in to consideration and work with character building, community awareness and other vital parts to make sure a well rounded student-athlete is developed.




“Once a Celtic


Always a Celtic!”


– Kyrie Irving

Media & News

The Basketball Academy @ The Patrick School welcomes media inquiries about the academy and its faculty, students, and programs. We are dedicated to quickly responding to your information needs and invite you to  send an email to academy@thepatrickschool.org

School’s Out

School is out for the year. We will be back early January. What a first semester we have had! It has been amazing and we still have our trip to Sweden to look forward to. But tomorrow we are celebrating the end of the...

First Annual Career Day

At the Academy we know there are so many careers in basketball outside of actually playing. And we wanted to show our students their options. We invited presenters who have careers that are tied to their love and knowledge...

Science Fair

Last week we had the First Annual Science Fair at The Patrick School. The students worked on their projects in class and at home. It was a great event and the students learned a lot. We had had some Hillside Councilmen and...