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TPS Basketball Program Structure


  • Hillside, NJ
  • Princeton, NJ

Varsity Level Basketball Programs:

  • Hillside:
    • Boys Varsity
    • Boys Post-Grad
    • Girls Varsity
  • Princeton:
    • Boys Varsity
    • Boys Post-Grad

Other Levels at Hillside:

  • Boys JV
  • Boys Freshmen
  • Boys Middle School Elite

Program Names:

  • Hillside programs:
    • Boys Varsity: TPS Boys Varsity
    • Boys Post-Grad: TPS Prep
    • Girls Varsity: TPS Girls Varsity
  • Princeton programs:
    • Boys Varsity: Mascot: St. Patrick
    • Boys Post-Grad: Mascot: St. Patrick Prep

Program Team Goal at end of season:

  • Hillside programs:
    • Boys Varsity: UCT & T of C title, nationally ranked
    • Boys Post-Grad: Prep League title, Prep nationally ranked #1 or 2
    • Girls Varsity: UCT & T of C title, nationally ranked
  • Princeton programs:
    • Boys Varsity: GEICO National Title, # 1 national ranking
    • Boys Post-Grad: Prep League title, Prep nationally ranked #1 or 2

General Distinctions between Hillside and Princeton programs:

  • Hillside:
    • Participates in Union County Tournament (Boys and Girls)
    • Member of the NJSIAA and competes in state playoffs (Varsity program only. Post-grad program does NOT compete in the
      NJSIAA state tournament)
    • No dorms (???)
  • Princeton:
    • Does not participate in the county playoffs
    • Non-member of the NJSIAA and thus does not compete in state playoffs
    • “Certified member” of NJSIAA and NAIS
    • Eligible to participate in the GEICO National Tournament if selected

Developmental model

Both the Princeton and Hillside programs used a hybrid developmental model for their teams and players that blends the philosophy of the development programs of the NBA, USA basketball and European basketball clubs. 

The high school program at Hillside, as an NJSIAA member, restricts the operation of this model to the summer session and in-season in accord with NJSIAA regulations. 

This blended model, known as the TPSBTI (TPS Basketball Training Institute) model, views the development of a play as a long-term, holistic educational project. Just as a student would learn markedly difference things in a 7 th grade math class than a senior math course, the TPSBTI also has a “basketball curriculum” that progresses through each stage. Moreover, just as advanced math students often take Algebra in 7 th grade or Calculus as early as sophomore year, each student-athlete in the TPSBTI program is challenged at their current level and pushed to progress and improve each day of permissible training. 

Student-athletes at the TPSBTI are training along each relevant performance dimension, including but not limited to the following:

Individual Offensive Actions

  • Ball handling
  • Dribbling
  • Shooting
  • Offensive footwork
  • Ball screen offense
  • Passing
  • Using Screens
  • Setting Screens
  • Reading screens
  • Offensive rebounding
  • Post-up offense

Individual Defensive Actions

  • Containing the dribble
  • Defensive slides
  • Closeouts
  • Footwork to get through screens
  • Containing the dribble
  • Positional help defense
  • Jumping to the ball
  • Boxing out
  • Helping in the post
  • Double teaming
  • Transition defense

Team Concepts and Actions

  • Spacing
  • Pace
  • Offensive Reads
  • Defensive Reads
  • Special Situations
  • General Offensive Philosophy
  • General Defensive Philosophy
  • Scouting and Understanding Scouting Reports
  • How to Maximize Performance on Road Trips

Intangible Mental Skills

  • Basketball IQ development
  • Understanding basketball history and its relevance
  • Understanding the game and its future directions
  • How to watch a current game and learn from it

Performance Enhancement Skills

  • Weight training
  • Conditioning
  • Agility drills
  • Speed drills
  • Quickness drills
  • Precise stretching for performance and injury prevention
  • Performance nutrition
  • Sport Psychology
  • Being a Good Teammate
  • Sustaining Locker room and Team Chemistry

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